You see once you have known me and vice versa, there is no Unknowing; there may well be Disliking and there may well be Unfollowing but Unknowing is not possible in the nature of things, or is it? If we were more aware of the mechanism of the mind, we would never be surprised that best friends and often lovers turn into hated enemies or worse.

When we understand that liking and disliking are happening almost simultaneously, like breathing in and breathing out we will have already come to a deep understanding of the complexity of the mind and the mechanism itself.

You see, thoughts divide because they always carry the opposite within them: love carries hate; friendship carries enmity, liking carries disliking.

Once we realise that we can drop thoughts and become thoughtless- thoughtless AND alert, we won’t be so troubled when someone all of a sudden turns on us, because we understand that in that moment he or she dislikes us, intensely.

The other reason the shift from like to dislike happens so quickly is because unless we have done some inner work, we all carry the past within us. Even with inner work we can carry the wounds of the past. This past is our wounded child, the child still hidden inside us and in any given moment the child, once hurt retaliates and starts kicking and biting back- hard!

If, as a child you were stopped being angry and were told, “don’t be angry,” then that anger is still there, buried deep within you. This anger is still there just waiting to come out, in the most justifiable way of course. You think you may have buried it from your sight, but somehow or other people will know it.

So, don’t ever be too concerned if someone really takes you the wrong way and seems all of a sudden to dislike you; remember within them too are the seeds of Like and Dislike even if they never show you this Like again.

We may have grown up, but unless we have dealt with our past in a truly significant way, we will always carry seeds of hate and dislike within us ready to rise up in an instant.

The first step to dissolution of the whole process is to become aware of the mechanism of the mind within.

Chris Borrett

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