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Paranoia, Creativity and Discipline in Business

Jim Collins in one of his books said - to be truly successful a Business Owner needs Productive Paranoia, Empirical Creativity and Fanatic Discipline in equal measure. He challenged us to look at the REALLY successful business entrepreneurs over the last 100 years and examine their lives. He also said, If you stay in the [...]

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How Flexible Do You Have to Be as a Business Owner?

After spending so many years in India I got used to the frequent electricity blackouts, the chaos, the filth and stench and when I came back again to reside in the western world I was amazed. I was amazed by how easily we are impatient about small things, so cosy and comfortable and so complacent [...]

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What Does the Sunset and Your Business Have in Common?

It is perhaps because of the Christian idea that there is only one life that we in the West are always in such a hurry.  About 10 years ago I mentored one of my old friends from Sydney; I had known him very well when many of us were travelling down the fast lane years [...]

By | May 4th, 2017|Life in General, Meditation|0 Comments
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