What business coaching has taught me about life so far…

It wasn’t long ago I was sitting at this very computer typing in the words “I need help!” not to be mistaken for being in a deeply depressed state, the opposite in fact. Life was good so it seemed, money a plenty and toys and woman around me to satisfy enough of the urges a boy must fulfil at some stage of life. Business was growing-not at any record breaking rate but the future could have been easily predicted.

It wasn’t so bad. A lot more than average would have been available to me. A stable fairly predictable cash flow business, A few properties, wife with 2 ½ kids and a dog, a bigger house than I need with a nice backyard and swimming pool. Time would have been sacrificed for the aforementioned. A bit of stress here and there. A worthwhile trade-off for the blue collar business owner.

Why the cry for help then?

Something happened that day, the vibration was strong, it couldn’t be totally capped this fine day and the inner was searching for something that it couldn’t easily fulfil or find for itself. The end result that I had easily painted was not in harmony with that tip of the iceberg vibration. There was a big conflict!

3 years later and here I am, same business but with a huge difference. Little did I know that day that I reached out to the world it would set a course of self-discovery, adventure, fun and laughter that I would never have believed if someone had told me if they pushed me through that door.

In fact, if someone had ever told me that Business Coaching could bring this with it I would have laughed in their face with a confident smirk and gone back to my office desk and brushed it off “just another fad scheme”. ..I had to walk through that door myself.
There are a few definitive times I have experienced with coaching that have proved to be the catalyst for the topic at hand-the short term goal that all the work beforehand was leading to. I don’t particularly believe that the coach knew exactly what form it would take or when this “event” I talk of would come, they would take on many different forms but the confidence of the coach to push for it and to know when it comes and then to stand a bit closer in the transition to the next stage is what you actually pay them for and at that particular time of the coaching, the level at which the coach re-sets his compass, I feel, is by these events.

At a certain time we implemented our new Recruitment process and a few weeks later we had an admin girl in and thank God we did. What a relief it was to get someone else in to do the tasks I didn’t want to do and the level at which they were done was far superior to what I could ever had produced. I got back a lot of time, believe me.
Not only that, but now after 3 years, the Company Revenue has significantly increased, we are making more money, have better profit margins and great systems in place, and we have spun off another Company in an entirely new Territory; we have two Managers, a Customer Service Manager, better Technicians, and I have ALL the tools I need to take the business to wherever I want.

Chris Redondo, CEO of Ryco 24/7 Ingleburn / Gregory Hills
Chris Borrett was my Business Mentor and Coach whom I engaged to assist me with Pricing and Value for my services, to helping me be more accountable with my short term and long term goals in life and in business.

Aside from being a lawyer himself, more importantly he has a solid grounding in how to run a successful Business with a deep knowledge of profit, sales, profit drivers, margins, time and self- management to marketing, establishing your niche and putting processes in motion. Naturally he has owned successful businesses himself.

On a side note, which might be difficult to believe, revenue within the practice rocketed within months by approximately 260% and is now sustaining a predictable level well above that with profit to match.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, I strongly urge you to ring him and see if you’re a match.

Tim Southwell-Keely, Owen Hodge Lawyers Sydney
I’ve been working with Chris for over 1 year now and am pretty amazed at the results he has achieved for my Company and I.

When I was first referred to him by one of my customers, I was a bit sceptical and actually didn’t think my business could be scaled to do any better.

Chris was very up-front and asked me what would it take for Business Coaching and him working with me to be a great investment. I told him, I needed a better recruitment process to begin with so I could take the business to the next level and I wanted to stop working so hard, as I hadn’t taken a decent break in 10 years and the stress levels were not healthy.

Not only did I manage to get a very effective recruitment process going, the Company’s profit margins have increased dramatically and Chris has helped in the re-structure of the Company and saved literally thousands of dollars. Hard to believe I know.
Not only has Chris helped the Company and I achieve these targets, overall, the personal satisfaction now is far higher and my quality of life far superior.

Without going on further, if you’re working too hard, stressed out, bored or feeling you can never live the life you deserve, do yourself a favour and ring him.

Dave Bonanno, Managing Director/Owner of Nutek Mechanical
Chris is a great mentor; he was a huge support in a time when I needed clarity and direction. He is a wealth of knowledge, easy to talk to and walks his talk! He kept me accountable to getting things done in my life and work. It was a joy meeting with him every week and I highly recommend him as a business mentor.
Atol Dupuche, Owner of Free Your Passion Project
I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for all your work with Doug and myself.
Chris, know that you make a difference.
As a business we now have:
A Mission & Vision Statement which we adhere to
Set Goals and met them.
We have Systems and Procedures in place.
We have reports and record data on our leads, conversion rate, profit and loss statements, gross profits, net profits and cash flow.
Brochures for our products and a comprehensive price list is set up
We have moved from a home based business to one working from our factory.
Working far more professionally with all aspects of Testing and Measuring, setting up ongoing liaisons with regular clients and retaining them.
Chris is a great mentor and is committed to helping you achieve whatever goals you set for yourself.
I am beyond thrilled with the results that Chris has helped us to achieve in both our professional career and our personal life.
We know we would not be where we are at today without his guidance, patience, and support.

Kind regards

D Meredith Doug & Dianne Meredith, Go Get Glazed Pty Ltd
One of the things I really appreciate about Chris is his ability and caring to stick around when the going gets tough. To be there and stay engaged, to wrestle with me… in a way that only deepens the relationship. And to not judge or ridicule.

In life there are times when our behaviour towards each other is less than pretty. And we need to be confronted to learn and grow. But the truth is hard to hear. Chris has an extraordinary ability to express what needs to be said without an emotional charge. And his honesty with people is considered and well-timed.

In my experience with Chris this type of engagement has only left me feeling incredibly supported and deeply loved.

“The test of thankfulness is not what you have to be thankful for, but whether anyone else has reason to be thankful that you are here”

Chris I really like this way of considering thankfulness.. And I would like to say that I’m absolutely sure there are many people who are grateful you are here, me included.

Chris is the BEST coach / mentor / leader / friend anyone could ever wish for. One in a trillion. World class.

Ros Ahtee, Proactive Edge. Bookkeeping & Consultancy
Chris has been unbelievably helpful to me and my business. He has led me to doors of opportunities by understanding the many areas of business and personal development I never knew before – Positioning, Systems, Time Management, How To Get Your Weekends Back, Business Direction – name it!

Not only has Chris helped me with these things but I now understand what Pre-tax Net Profit my business should have, how to calculate accurately the breakeven at any given time (not so obvious!), why the Labour Efficiency Ratio (LER) is so important and how to improve it, and what the Overhead Absorption Rate means, and what those figures signify for the future of the business.

Furthermore, his introduction to Tony Hsieh’s method of “Delivering Happiness” has totally changed my view of Customer Service.

If you’re thinking of getting a Business Coach or Personal Development Mentor, you get both in Chris!

Ben Lucre, Owner of BRL Kitchens / Smeaton Grange