Money is a loaded subject because basically we are greedy, let’s face it. If we wanted to keep it simple we would use it as a means of exchange. In this regard it is a perfect medium.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with money as anyone who has made it will tell you; it does give you certain choices that otherwise you would not have.

However if we don’t have money, we’re condemned as losers as the creative people know too well. These people are hardly ever rewarded for their contribution to life, love and laughter. Ask anyone who is struggling and that is most of humanity. For them it is a curse and they are trying to have money by any means the whole of their life.

If you have money it does not change the basic thing: you want more, and there is no end to wanting more. Finally when we end up having too much money, then we start feeling guilty, because the means that we have used to accumulate the money are often ugly, inhuman, exploitive and manipulative.

The people who make vast amounts of money usually feel so guilty as to how they got it they start donating to charities left, right and centre and everyone says how wonderful they are and forget that they used any means to get it as a rule.

In some way or other we are all guilty as generally we have more than enough and we seem to want more. It is a human dilemma and one I learned a lot about when I lived in India for many years.

I befriended a few beggars and saw how they lived and how they could still be happy despite their incredibly disadvantaged life. It taught me a lot that nothing else could illustrate so well.

The problem starts early as we are taught as children to climb the ladder of success and all will be well, especially if we have enough money; then everything is possible.

Part of the problem is that society is implanting into the young, the idea that without money life is a curse. Why do you think money is such a loaded subject?

Image Credit: Patro

Chris Borrett