Usually, the adverts everywhere say in their blatant promos, “How to Get Rich out of Selling Information.

There are a few things that will drive business and people to you or so they say.

An info product can establish you as an expert in your field and your readers will come to you for answers.

An info product builds credibility as you have proven yourself over time to deliver reliable, practical and credible information and suggestions.

Your product will turn into a passive source of income. It takes work, but you only need to do it once or twice with refinements.

You can promote your main business venture by putting your web information inside your product and readers can click appropriate links to find out more about you.

If you are into affiliate programs, others will be sending you traffic and your info product will get passive income.

From my now, not so limited experience of social media marketing, however, limited knowledge indeed of the online marketing game, I am not so sure that you can get rich from selling even the most worthwhile information or knowledge unless you put in a lot of work first.

In fact, my personal experience in life is such that I do believe we need to pay for everything we want, but not things like love, friendship, warmth and caring.

It is fine to give freebies and do it in a way that people “feel,” as if they are getting something for nothing but honestly any idiot knows the profit has to be factored in somewhere.

You don’t think Buddha attained Enlightenment in a 5-day course similar to Anthony Robbins’ seminars for $10,000 or some such figure? No, he paid a price far higher than that.

Everyone from a parent to an icon knows the same and that is, that some price or other has to be paid for something worthwhile, whatever the wrapping, and it is not necessarily money.

So, yes I do think you can make money out of information and knowledge.  However, there are specific constraints, and people should understand this unless of course, they want to feel good one day and lousy the next.

So, how do you do it? That is, to make money from the Information Game? Well, there are some things that will be helpful along the way and they are –

  1. An automated message and response system
  2. A website that is more interactive than static
  3. An ongoing sales funnel
  4. A very specific and proven marketing strategy
  5. A Conversion Tracker, such as Active Campaign or Infusion Soft to monitor leads
  6. Very good COPY that is conversational OR an exceptional content writer
  7. Several Alliances with people or business owners who have a large audience (preferably) that is similar but not identical to your target audience
  8. A LOT of “Friends,” “Followers,” or “Connections” yourself helps
  9. A SUPER SMART, enthusiastic, intelligent and PROACTIVE Virtual Assistant you trust
  10. The ability to outsource jobs and tasks you can’t or don’t want to do
  11. Content Writers, Web Designers
  12. Access to low cost (if possible) technical design persons or an Automation Agency who does these things
  13. A Facebook Group that is highly supportive
  14. Oh Yes! And information that is highly valuable to your specific target market

These are just a few things you can do and actions you can take to get the ball rolling.

Making money from the Information Game is possible but it will take time if you’re not making it a priority and whether it’s an Online model or an Offline model, the tips above will be of help.

~ Chris Borrett