For many people who suffer from low energy, it is not only the case that they have low energy, but sometimes the fact that they are afraid to engage in life. They are afraid to move out into the world, to meet people again, to fall in love, to try honing their skills again, to really just try something new. At this stage there is not even the remotest possibility of 10 X behaviour as Grant Cardone calls it.

For these people, it is mostly not low energy, but just a fear to get out of bed, because life is there.

Some years ago, a very good friend of mine went to another country, after I’d taken him on a tour to India with 14 others to a meditation resort. He had such an amazing time with the tour group that he decided to change his whole lifestyle and way of life. He removed himself from the rut he was in, and retrained himself as an English teacher living for some years in Taiwan, with his beautiful wife and child; he is now living on the Gold Coast managing a large resort style motel and planning to acquire another one.

His life up until then had been that of a bricklayer and he had got sick of the gruelling work and long hours. To retrain himself was not easy, but he did it despite often lying in bed for days, lethargic and afraid to meet the world.

It is easier to stay in the confines of our comfy, cozy homes (even if we don’t like home that much), and only engaging on the internet, rather than to meet people, love people, be friendly, be intimate, because anything is possible, anything can happen if we venture out the door- and it usually does.

If your energy levels are low, first try to break your old habits, even your diet, not just for health reasons but more to confuse your mind which has got you into some low energy state and negative thinking. Then begin some sort of physical exercise regime according to your capacity, as this will replace your negative and self-defeating thoughts.

When we go beyond our normal, everyday level of energy we break into the second layer of energy – a level most people never manage, but athletes know it well as do people who have faced incredible dangers, challenges and emergencies and have exerted amazing effort tapping into a totally fresh and powerful new energy and force, much to their own surprise.

When you manage to do something with your body to increase your energy levels, then start with your mind as something can always be done with the mind. The normal levels of behaviour and effort most people bring to their daily lives are simply enough for them to do their daily job, fit in with society and manage to keep plodding on without much fun and joy, let alone abundance.

If we can bring some 10 X behaviour to our lives, add some spice, relaxation and common sense we might even have the life we’ve always been dreaming of. Luebke

Chris Borrett