If we are sincere, total in our efforts and persevering, we find out slowly through targets, goal setting, feedback, reflection, self-enquiry and introspection what we would want to do with our lives if we thought we could not fail.

It’s not that failure does not happen, it does! It’s more important to look on such events that could be classified as failure as simply a set of life events which happened at a certain time and place in your life. Success and failure are a little like profit and loss in that they go together and should be looked at as a whole – and from which we learn.

When you learn to develop an intention to succeed it is not arrogant but more a statement that this is how you want to express yourself in the world. Take no notice of those who have lived their life and are too quick to tell you what not to do and how you should be. For them, it may be that life has left them a bit sour.

With such an intention to succeed strongly crystallised inside, you will, without a shadow of a doubt find yourself attracting the circumstances and allies necessary to fulfil that intention.

Information in this age has become supreme; however, there is an incredible amount of information that will never be of use and you will need to discriminate wisely as there is much rubbish out there.

Connections or allies are those friends, acquaintances, colleagues who can assist you in the manifestation of your goals and targets. These allies should be people with whom you have good feelings; otherwise, the endeavour will be an uninteresting and often boring experience. Not even the money or success can ever compensate for the time spent with people who don’t reflect the same degree of spirit, positivity and aliveness that you do.

If we find we’re mixing with people where there is little rapport or connection, it may be positive to see in what way they are special and how we can learn from them. If there’s nothing to learn then move on.

It is surprising that often our judgments of others are reflections of our inner attitudes and unaccepted parts of ourselves and we can sometimes be a bit harsh in our early assessments of new friends and acquaintances.

Of course, at some point, it may be that the continued meetings with certain groups of people do not fit your current needs. At this stage, it could well be appropriate to move on to new scenery and a new set of peers.

In the meantime, seek out those where there is a nourishing connection and with whom you have a decent interaction, a good laugh and a LOT of mutual respect.

~ Chris Borrett